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What’s going to happen in 2012 is a matter of getting the mind to the level where the breath goes from nostril breathing to the top of the brain. From there you begin to breathe and the energy is not available to go anywhere else. It stays at the top of the brain. Then you function in a very different way. There is no blah blah and no words are needed. But you’ll understand things like when Einstein said, ‘whatever I have discovered was not through the rational process, but through an intuition.’ That’s what has to happen.

I’m very happy that I am fulfilling the mission of coming here to this earth plane because this is the right time. And we are not going to fail. We are going to create a Golden Age where the meat body which is full of pain, aging and being crippled then die pathetically, has to end. No matter how much money you have, you die in a very miserable way. That should not be the case for the entire humanity. Collectively we will all join together as one world. And we are the pioneers to start this movement. And then we will turn the world’s earth plane into heaven.


5 Tools of Pillai Center Programs.


1. Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge AcquisitionConcept learning is theory based. Whenever you know and learn concepts you reprogram your DNA to access different possibilities. Concept learning replaces old paradigms with new paradigms and challenges the concept of karma or destiny. The theories you will learn about the human body and the subtle body fall under knowledge acquisition. Concepts of time and speed will be the primary focus for the programs in 2012.


2. Mythotherapy and Rituals

Mythotherapy and RitualsEver since Joseph Campbell introduced a series on mythology, people have a more educated understanding of mythology. Mythotherapy is the study and use of mythology to activate archetypes of healing, love, valor, bravery, service, etc. Mythical characters, simply put, are Gods and Goddesses eternally living in space with freedom and joy. Rituals may be called high tech devices to induce changes and bring out pragmatic results. We will learn theories and practices. Rituals bring speedy results towards your transformation.


3. Meditation Practices

Meditation PracticeIt is the human body that must be transformed. There are centers in the human body and the brain that need to be realigned. Within the brain, we need to activate primarily 8 regions. Within the body, the eyes are the most light-sensitive organ and are intimately connected with the transformation of the body. We will spend a lot of time meditating on the eyes and their relationship with delusion as well as enlightenment. The chakras are in the subtle body and are connected to special powers. We will spend a good amount of time awakening the chakras. Transformation of the body, mind, and soul brings more harmony to life, enabling one to live a 200% life: 100% spiritual fulfillment and 100% material fulfillment.


4. Divine Guidance

Divine GuidanceDivine guidance is the ultimate step in the transformation of the physical body, the mind, and the soul. Dr Pillai shares: "I have reincarnated again on the earth plane only for the exclusive purpose of human evolution. It is my unfinished work that needs to be completed. I don't like to leave again and come back".


5. Compassion

CompassionCompassion to all living beings, particularly relieving their thirst and hunger is a pre-requisite to transformation.
In addition, program members are encouraged to do selfless service to humanity by participating in community practices while sharing with others.

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